Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing is defined as a sales and marketing strategy where a commercial message is sent to a specific audience to increase engagement, encouraging conversion, and inspiring referrals.”

Given the exceptional ROI of email marketing, it is now essential in B2B and B2C businesses around the world. In this primer, we share email marketing best practices, three examples of effective email marketing strategies, and tips to help you get started.


Email Marketing Strategy

Representation of the Steps to Create a Marketing Strategy

Whether you’re a digital native brand or a legacy company, this four-step email marketing roadmap will create a bedrock of long-term engagement and sustained ROI.

Step 1: Segment your audience

Take your existing database of customers (loyal, new, prospects, defectors, and returns) and segment them as per purchase behavior and interest patterns. You can share a quiz with the entire customer base to find out granular data on each group, trimming down each list to perfection.

Step 2: Create a customer journey

A customer journey involves breaking down the entire lead-to-conversion and return experience into specific moments of truth. This mirrors a customer’s real-life experience. For example, someone buying a budget computer for school work begins by graduating from high school, getting admission into a college, purchasing supplies, and researching study devices. This journey will help share the right kind of messaging across your email marketing drip.

Step 3: Personalize your message

As we’ve already mentioned in the tips on email marketing, personalization is absolutely critical (and pretty easy) for your campaign. According to Experian Marketing Services, “personalized emails generate six times higher transaction rates.”

Step 4: Experiment and test

There are several types of emails and content formats you could experiment with, in your email marketing strategy. For example, interactive content can be a big help when you’re trying to overhaul your brand image, and reengage existing customers. Take a look at how Domino’s built an interactive pizza preview to give its previous customers a taste of what they are missing out. And based on test results, you can continue experimenting until you create an effective email marketing formula.